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Holistic Comprehensive Care
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ReliefRN is a nurse concierge service that assists caregivers with the planning and management of the health and well-care needs of their aging loved ones.

Stressed caregivers can rest assured if they have the resources and guidance necessary to make informed decisions about the direction of their loved one’s care.​

Relief is an

The senior healthcare landscape has changed dramatically in the last fifteen years. The number of seniors with four or more chronic illnesses is rapidly increasing. The challenges for caregivers can be overwhelming. Forty four million people are now caring for an ill, frail or elderly parent, most of whom want to age in place. There are also the “sudden” caregivers who end up caring for a parent after a catastrophic event such as a fractured hip or an acute exacerbation of a chronic health problem.

Critical health care decisions are often made under a great deal of stress. Problems may begin to cascade and families don’t know where to turn for help. The result is often confused seniors, disorganized children and families in chaos. They are often juggling the needs of their own children, a job, and now have the added burden of a parent in decline. Time, energy and resources are in short supply.

Holistic Comprehensive Care

I believe that every older adult’s unique situation presents opportunities to find creative ways of coping and adapting; ways that make them feel like they are in the driver’s seat. All too often the medical events are viewed in isolation.

For example, if they fall and injure themselves we pick them up, fix what’s broken and hope for the best. We forget to ask why it happened and how it can be prevented. The mind body connection means that thoughts, feelings and attitudes can positively or negatively affect biological functioning. More emphasis should be placed on the importance of healthy active aging. We should always ask how seniors are “living” as well as how they are doing.


When decisions are hard, problems are overwhelming and solutions are hard to find, turn to a professional who will provide a higher standard of oversight and take the heat off


Uncover the issues and discuss what you are looking for and how my services can help.

Care Assessment

Physical and psychosocial assessment to determine specific needs. 

Scheduled Home Visits / Ongoing Care

We can schedule visits to work through issues as they arise, but the main focus of the visit is to discuss the effectiveness of the care plan and make modifications as needed.

Management & Advocacy

This is where I can assist older adults and their families with the implementation of the care plan.


Planning for your loved one’s present and future needs cannot be underestimated. There are many sensitive issues surrounding the future needs of the elderly client.

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